Improving on your golf swing

The secret to success in the game of golf lies in having the perfect swing. Even the professionals consistently work on improving their swing. Golf does not entail a lot of endurance like triathlon or strength like weightlifting. To become successful in the game, you need to develop a mastery of the perfect swing. In this article, you will learn some helpful tips on how to improve your swing.

Analyze Your Form

Before you can go and work on your swing, you first need to analyze what is wrong. Let your friend take a picture or video of you while you take a swing at the ball. Check your posture and see what adjustments you can make to improve your swing. There many guides available online that you can consult on the proper golf posture.

Practice The Correct Way of Handling the Club

After learning the correct posture, the next thing you need to master is the proper way of handling the club. Experts recommend having a neutral grip to develop consistency and get the natural position. The middle of the club head should always hit the ball but handling the club the wrong way can make you inconsistent.

Using your non-dominant hand, grab the golf club with the thumb pointed down so that the knuckles of your index and middle fingers remains visible. The dominant hand should be placed below the non-dominant one in a neutral position.

Assume the Position

Now that you know the correct way of handling the club, practice aligning yourself with the ball so that you can make contact with it. Position your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Do not slouch or have stiff legs as it will prevent you from hitting the ball with so much power. Avoid squeezing the club in your hands as it will make your arms and shoulders tensed. This will also result to an awkward and stiff swing rather than fluid and smooth.


The best tip for improving your golf swing is to relax. Before heading to the course, take a deep breath, calm down, and focus. This will help you remember the proper posture, handling of the club, and hitting the ball.

Use Your Body as Well

Some new golfers have the tendency to only use their arms when swinging. Your body should also be involved in order to get the perfect swing. Rotate your hips and shoulders when swinging.

Monitor Your Progress

Now that you know what is wrong and what adjustments you need to make, apply everything when you go back to the course next time. Practice the proper way to handle your club, the correct posture, and hitting the ball with power. You can take pictures, record a video, or jot down notes of any corrections you made and see the results.

To become the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, you need constant practice. You will not get it right immediately. It takes time to get the perfect swing so just keep on swinging until you get it right.